Air Element Wicca/Pagan Lantern





Have you ever struggled with your 4 quarters in your rituals or spell work when your outside? A slight breeze can ruin everything.
Well we have the perfect remedy for you!
These element lanterns can hold your preferred element item inside with safety.
Don’t let the air element blow out your fire element, you need them all to be working and present for you during your rituals and spells.
Use these lanterns with the peace of mind knowing your items are safe and the elements are present for you when your in your circle.

Available in Black & White.

21cm Tall
Made of Metal, Glass & Vinyl

*Suitable for outdoor use
*Vinyl lasts upto 5 years

The lantern can get hot. Hang or place it on a fireproof, heat-resistant material, a safe distance away from combustible materials. Never leave a lit tealight unattended. Do not drop any objects, incl. matches, on the tealight. Extinguish any candles by snuffing out the flame.

We hope you enjoy our items and they are helpful for you on your Wiccan/Pagan path.

Blessed Be!

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