Charcoal Discs



Perfect charcoal discs to burn your hand made incense

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Pack of 10 Charcoal Discs
(sealed in an airtight pack in order to maintain efficient combustion)

In order to maintain freshness once opened, the package should be resealed and stored in a cool dry place.
Effective storage will ensure quick lighting and long burning.

Instructions for use:
Firstly, light your charcoal using a candle, lighter or match. To protect your hands when you’re doing this, you might want to use metal tongs.
You will quickly see sparks emerging from them when the source of heat is applied. This is caused by a special coating that’s added to the products to ensure they light quickly and easily.
Once lit, you can put the tablet into your container.
A little patience is then required. Instead of adding your resin immediately, wait for a few minutes until the charcoal has had a chance to heat through.
Once the crackling has gone through the disc it will start to go grey. This means that the disc is at the right temperature so you can begin to carefully spoon your resin/incense onto it for burning.
You can add more as required.