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What will you be dowsing for?

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When it comes to divination, there are a number of different options that practitioners may have. Some people have mastered the skill of dowsing, which is something you might want to give a try. Although the etymology of the word dowsing is uncertain, in general, it means a process by which someone searches for things that are hidden. It’s nearly universally applied to the process of finding water, although some people use dowsing to discover buried treasure as well.

Once you’ve got a dowsing rod, or rods, the process involves a few simple steps. Some dowsers like to talk to their rods before they begin – you can either ask the rods to help you, or if you’re more comfortable doing this, you can ask the gods of your tradition to guide you.
Either one is fine.

Copper steel rods with copper handles. Complete with a double sided in depth instruction sheet on how to use them.
Approx size 330mm x 90mm
Sold as a pair

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