About Kallima Spiritual Centre

Kallima is a family run business that has grown from a small stall that attended Mind, Body & Spirit events to opening up a full centre.

We have a diverse well stocked shop selling a wide range of spiritual goods from simple incenses and candles to crystals and statues. A reading room that is comfortable to sit and relax in whilst enjoying your spiritual reading. Plus A brilliant Event Room that can hold upto 25 people for workshops, circles, courses and events.
We are very proud of what we have accomplished in a short space of time. Our workshops are always growing and evolving from Relaxing Meditations and Mindfulness, Mediumship Development, Witchcraft Classes, Psychic Teas, Platform Events, the list keeps growing.

We have a great bunch of tutors that work with us, and we are very proud of them!
It’s Kallima’s remit that all tutors have to have many years experience in their subjects and our people definitely have that.
We offer a wide range of Classes, Workshops and Courses which are suitable for complete beginners up to intermediate and advanced which will help you develop and grow your spiritual side in a safe and friendly environment. We do have fun in our classes and are very laid back but of course serious when we need to be. We have been told people feel very comfortable and not under pressure when attending our classes as well as learning a great deal. It does help with a cup of tea and biscuits in hand too.

Check out our events page, blog posts for more information on what we offer at our centre.
Kallima x