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Alexandra Williams

Alexandra (The Wonky Witch)

Alex’s spiritual journey started 18years ago when her Grandad sadly passed away and she was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy. He was the first spirit she ever sensed which then started her whole journey into working with spirit.

She was lucky enough to attend various workshops and circles over the years which she could delve deeper into working with spirit. Paganism and Witchcraft peeked her interest which she then became passionate about and felt this is the area she is more drawn to. She classes herself now as an Eclectic Witch or The Wonky Witch if you wish (wonky being she has muscular dystrophy but that won’t stop her)

Alex has a deep love for anything nature based & witchcraft related; herbs, crystals, aromatherapy, spellcasting and the animal kingdom.

She is our Witchcraft tutor here at Kallima ranging from Basic Witchcraft courses teaching you the very foundations, Spellcasting, Magickal Crafting, Poppet Dolls, Witches Magickal Moon, The Witches Shield, Green Witchcraft, Runes…the list goes on.

Her classes are very informative and full of laughter. Her students have said how confident they feel learning from Alex that in other places they haven’t felt before. Which of course she is very proud of.

If your interested in witchcraft and want to learn more in a safe and happy environment, then join Alex is her classes and start this wonderful journey of self witchy empowerment with us.

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