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  • Kallima Spiritual Centre
  • March 20, 2021
  • Saturday, 12:30PM to 2:30PM

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  • £28.00 Deposit (1st 2 classes) 12 remaining
  • £78.00 Full Course 12 remaining
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Aura Colour & Energy Workshop

Kallima Spiritual Centre

Saturday, 12:30PM to 2:30PM
March 20, 2021



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Aura Colour & Energy Workshop

Kallima Spiritual Centre

Saturday, 12:30PM to 2:30PM
March 20, 2021


**All our events are subject to the Covid Rules, therefore if we are in a full lockdown situation in-person events will be postponed. Should we have to postpone the workshop we will offer a full refund or if you prefer you may transfer your booking onto another workshop held at a later date (if the substitute workshop costs more you will have to pay the difference). Also all events will be limited in attendees due to social distancing guidelines**

Aura Colour Energy 6 Week Course

Do you see colours around people and wonder what this means? You may see them during readings, healing or general day to day. Or would you like to see the colours of someone’s aura which can help you within your readings and healings?
Do You Often Feel Drained?
Do You Often Feel Tired?
Do You Feel You Have No Energy?
Or find yourself meeting up with that certain person for a chat yet every time you leave you feel completely drained and tired?

Then come and join us at Kallima as we delve into the world of colour in our 6 week dedicated course on colour and their energy.

This course will cover:
– What different colours mean and what they may mean to you.
– How to see and read colour during a mediumship/psychic reading or healing.
– Using coloured items such as coloured ribbons which can be used as a tool to read and link with.
– How to see or sense colours around someone’s aura.
– Learn about the chakras and what they are
– Learn about your energy field, your Auras, and how they work for us and sometimes can work against us if not fully cleansed
– How to protect your aura or energy from that person who seems to drain you
– How to cleanse and heal your own Auras & Chakras
– How to check your chakras are balanced
– How to keep an eye on your chakras and cleanse them when needed
All these things play an important part of living a balanced life and your Chakras & your Aura are both very sensitive to the energy we absorb

This course is beginner friendly as well as for the trained medium who wants to develop further into their path of healing and readings.

Price for the whole course is £78.00pp
(£28.00 deposit required – first 2 weeks)
Each week is to be paid for a week in advance.

Course Dates:
Course Dates:
Saturday 20th March
Saturday 27th March
Saturday 17th April
Saturday 24th April
Saturday 1st May
Saturday 8th May

Tutors: Karen Butler & Kim Claydon