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  • Kallima Spiritual Centre
  • January 24, 2020
  • Friday, 7:30PM to 9:30PM

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Goddess Circle – Monthly

Kallima Spiritual Centre

Friday, 7:30PM to 9:30PM
January 24, 2020



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Goddess Circle – Monthly

Kallima Spiritual Centre

Friday, 7:30PM to 9:30PM
January 24, 2020


What is a Goddess Circle?

A Goddess Circle is a sacred safe space where women come together to discover the power of the Goddess that resides inside all women, for we are all Goddesses.

 A Goddess Circle is where, once a month, you put you  Yep first. How often as women do we truly do this? You leave the worries, stress and problems of the day and learn how to reconnect with the feminine.

 Within the Goddess Circle you will learn to see and use the magic of the Goddess that resides within you, and on a daily basis use this to empower and make you be your true authentic self.

 A Goddess Circle allows you to be heard with open loving ears and respected without judgement, you bring yourself and that is all that is needed as each of us are unique, quirky, brilliant individuals.

 There will be laughter, sharing, singing, sometimes tears and eating of food as we celebrate the Sabbats and Esabats.

Within the Goddess Circle you will:

• Identify with the Maiden, Goddess and Crone
• Understand the Wheel of the Year and the Sabbats & Esbats.
• Learn of the qualities goddesses from different cultures represent and learn to call upon these.
• Understand the importance of the Moon and how to channel its power into your life
• How to cast a protective circle in which to work
• Create an altar and adapt it during the year
• Take part in path work – guided meditations for meeting the goddess and uniting with your inner Goddess.
• Summoning energy to perform magic
• Learn the correspondences of crystals, colours, herbs and spices to the four elements
• Discover how to cleanse your aura

All of the above will provide you with skills and understanding to use outside of the circle to empower yourself on a daily basis to be the Goddess you truly are.

This circle takes place every 4th Friday of the Month

Circle Leader:
Laura Colmer has been a practicing Wiccan for almost thirty years. She started her training in a Dianic Coven then worked as a Solitary Practitioner.
Laura has been asked to perform Handfastings and Naming Ceremonies on numerous occasions.
Laura is also an author, tarot reader, astrologer and is presently working on a fantasy novel saga based on the Goddess and an Astrology Guide.