Astrophyllite Tumblestone


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Chakra –
All   Zodiac – Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn   Element – Water, Spirit

Physically: Astrophyllite works with issues of the hormonal and reproductive systems, including PMS and menopause issues. It can also be used in the areas of cell regeneration, epilepsy and the large intestines.
Emotionally: It assists and guides one to reaching one’s full potential, allowing for the recognition/realization that there truly are no limitations or obstacles.
Spiritually: Astrophyllite is a wonderful companion for astral travel, out of body journeys and dream time, as it helps to protect and guide when needed.
Magickally: Guidance, protection, release, cosmic energy, manifestation.

The name “Astrophyllite” comes from the Greek “astron” for “star” and “phyllon” for “leaf”. Astrophyllite is actually an energetically powerful stone, which infuses the whole system with light, and might assist in recognizing your purpose for being here, since it illuminates your real self. Your entire chakra column readjusts and realigns itself when one engages their energies with that of Astrophyllite. Astrophyllite is a wonderful stone who’s main mission is to infuse your system with light.

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